The VIII St. Petersburg International Labor Forum


We invite you to take part in the VIII St. Petersburg International Labor Forum will be held on February 20-22, 2024!

This is the largest discussion platform in the Eurasian space in the field of labor relations, where the whole range of issues of the labor market and economy, the need to create staffing systems and exchange the best HR practices and techniques, modernization of the state employment Service, the formation of a common labor market of the CIS countries is considered. The forum brings together representatives of the professional community, government, business, education, and trade unions. The forum's events take place in the formats of plenary sessions, meetings, conferences, panel discussions, sections, round tables, poster sessions, master classes and workshops. The accompanying events of the Forum will traditionally be the Youth International Labor Forum and the CUBE EXPO exhibition "Cadres. Management. Safety.

The State

The structural restructuring of the economy inevitably leads to changes in the labor market. It is not the level of registered unemployment, but the shortage of personnel that is becoming a universal problem. Specific solutions are required to overcome it and ensure market flexibility. Through the personnel projection, to re-describe the national tasks of ensuring competitiveness, to regulate them in cooperation with the partner countries of the CIS, SCO, BRICS – these are the tasks of the Labor Forum..


Business is forced to change under new rules, keeping teams and planning for the future. The coordinate system, reflection and reloading, target values and meanings are needed for movement. At the Labor Forum, we collect practices, analyze experience, and predict the future. How to build a staffing model? How should education change? How to get rid of staff shortages? How to motivate the whole team to believe in the same values? How does the transition to a labor economy begin?.


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